Apr 302012

In short, here’s what’s happening May 1-7. I’m…

Preparing - Ironman Australia is on this Sunday.  It’s arrived!  Depending on which hour of the day you ask me, I’m feeling excited, anxious, a bit scared, confident or a little relieved! It’s been almost 12 months since I registered for my first Ironman and I can’t wait to test myself on the course.

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Apr 172012

In short, here’s what’s happening April 16-22. I’m…

Presenting – a webcast “How to Motivate People at Work” for 1000 physios via the Australian Physio Association. (Check out the slides here)

Welcoming – Helena from RetailCare to join us for To The Point!

AttendingThe Physio Co‘s learning event: “Orthotics for Oldies”.

Suggesting - if you’re keen on an inspirational brekky with Sir Bob Geldoff, check out next week’s Business Chicks Event in Melbourne  here. (I wish I could make it).  Continue reading »

Apr 172012

Culture is Everything, this blog(!) has been nominated for the Best Australian Blog Awards 2012. Awesome!

Last year Culture is Everything was listed as one of Australia’s 25 Best Business Blogs by SmartCompany.  This year it could be a Best Australian Blog Award.  I’m rapt to be in the running for this award and pretty humbled at the same time.   Continue reading »

Apr 112012

Back in 2009, The Physio Co created our first Painted Picture vision of how our business would look, act & feel in three years time. One of the goals in that vision was that by 31 December 2012: “We have more than 50 fantastic team members that are appreciated for the great work  they do.”

Well, today is the day!  As of April 11, 2012 The Physio Co family has more than 50 members. Woohoo!! The Physio Co Painted Picture is coming to life.

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Apr 052012

Q: Dear Tristan, I’m CEO of a fast growing business and I’ve heard that you work from home, is that true? If so, why do you do it? How do you do it? And what impact do you think it has on your team?  I’d love to work from home but I’ve no idea how to do it.  Please fill me in  - EK

A: Dear EK,

Yep, I sure do work from home 3-4 days every week and have been for the past 18 months.  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here’s how I’ve made it happen..

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Mar 272012

Core values, the 3-5 behaviours that define a company culture, are a critical part of any long term vision. 

At The Physio Co our four core values are described in detail on page three of our Painted Picture of 2012.  One entire page of this six page vision is dedicated to our core values.  Why? Because our Painted Picture is designed to share the future of The Physio Co and attract people that are aligned to where we are headed.

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Mar 072012

This is part of the weekly ‘Ask Tristan’ series. If you have a question, please email me: asktristan@thephysioco.com.au

Q: Dear Tristan, I’m a new manager & I’ve been working hard for the past 6 months to build a strong culture in our growing team. It’s going really well, except for one thing: I have a long-term team member who’s not participating.  This person turns up late to our huddles, is never prepared for meetings and nearly always finds a reason to complain. I’ve tried coaching and providing honest feedback, but nothing seems to work.  What should I do?   – TJ

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